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About Us

About Us

about us


The short story:

Sleepy Gang is about knowing your vibe and protecting your energy. Be picky when it comes to putting your vibe on the line and stay sleepy for anything that doesn’t excite your soul. We’re a gang who knows our energy is best spent chillin unless there are plans actually worth waking up for. 

The long story:

I started this brand with the ultimate support of my late best friend. Creative directing each decision together as the ultimate sleepy gang girls. Since her death, I hadn't had the heart or energy to continue the brand we loved developing together. As I grow in my grief, I've found her still ever-present support in my heart and believe it's time to stay true to my vibe and wake Sleepy Gang up from its slumber. So with that - Sleepy gang, meet grief gang. 


Thank you for the support, gang. I'm glad you're here.

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